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Este Foro es en Honor a un excelente Juego de Mesa, "Exalted 2e" por lo que la Información referente a ese sistema pertenece a sus dueños, nosotros únicamente nos basamos en esa información para crear nuestras historias para recreación y pasar buenos momentos como amigos. Y dar a conocer tan excelente juego de rol de mesa.
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Tkalis "The Reflection of the Desert"

el Vie Sep 02, 2016 12:08 am

Género: Masculino
Edad: años
Caste: Eclipse
Estatura: mts
Strength: 3, Dexterity: 5, Stamina: 2, Charisma: 3, Manipulation: 5, Appearance: 5, Perception: 4, Intelligence: 3, Wits: 4
Archery: 0, Martial Arts: 0, *Melee: 5, *Thrown: 5, War: 0, Integrity: 3, Performance: 3, *Presence: 5, Resistance: 3, Survival: 3, Craft: 0, Investigation: 0, Lore: 3, Medicine: 2, *Occult: 5, Athletics: 5, Awareness: 5, *Dodge: 5, Larceny: 0, Stealth: 0, *Bureaucracy: 4, *Linguistics: 2, *Ride: 3, *Sail: 2, *Socialize: 4
*Dos Armas (Melee): 2
*Chakram (Thrown): 1
Compassion: 2
*Conviction: 4
Temperance: 2
Valor: 3
Willpower: 7
Permanent Essence: 4, Personal Motes: 19/19, Peripheral Motes: 30/46
Artifact (Beam Short Daiklave, Orichalcum): 5, Artifact (Gyroscopic Charam, Orichalcum): 3, Artifact (SILKEN ARMOR): 2, Contacts: 2, Cults: 3, Familiar (Sun Dog): 5, Manse (Seven Samuray): 4, Manse (Jewel of the Flying Heart): 1, Mentor (Lee Bei Fong): 3, Resources: 3
Enchanting Features (4 pts), Favored Weapon (2pts)
Climate Sensitivity (2 pts) (Climas frios), Permanent Caste Mark (2pts)
Beam Short Daiklave - Orichalcum: Speed 4, Accuracy 23, Damage 7L, Rate 3
Gyroscopic Charam - Orichalcum: Speed 4, Accuracy 13, Damage 7L, Rate 3, Range 100
Defensas, Armaduras y Escudos.-
Silken Armor (Attuned): Soak 3B (5B), 5L (6L), 0A (0A), Hardness 0B, 0L, 0A Mob. Pen. 0, Fatigue 0
DV Dodge 7, DV Parry 5, Join Battle 9
Health Levels: -0/ -1X5/ -2X8/ -4/ Incapacitated /Dying X 2
Beam Short Daiklave Orichalcum (Artifact Nivel 4) Hace falta un gasto de 5 motes para activarse durante toda una escena, al ser de Orichalcum produce una luz blanca y dorada, que late con un pulso constante conforme se gastan los motes del usuario, al estar en contacto con material inflamable le prende fuego con solo tocarlo, Si esta arma de enfrenta contra un objeto mundano, pierde la mitad del DV Parry al tratar de detener el ataque, si es tratado de ser detenido con armas naturalez, entonces 2 HL adicionales, corriendo el riesgo de ser amputado dicha arma natural, al golpear una armadura o escudo, le va reduciendo primero el Soak Lethal, luego el Bashind, restandoles el pull completo del daño, si el soak desaparece por completo, tanto el Letal y el bashind, entonces la armadura o escudo es destruido por completo.
Gyroscopic Charam Orichalcum (Artifact Nivel 3) Al atacar y lograr un golpe con exito, el DV del blanco se considera con un valor menos (-1), e igualmente regresa a la mano de su dueño al causar daño inmediatamente. Además posee la opción de seguir atacando al mismo objetivo continuamente, utilizando el mismo pull original.
Silken Armor (ARTIFACT 2) This unusual cloth is woven from the silk of Essence spiders (see p. 151) Although the fabric has the weight and texture of silk and can be made into any garment that silk can, it is as strong as steel when struck. Even a light tunic, robe or cloak of the stuff makes effective armor. It is the clothing of choice for those who need its protection but cannot be seen wearing obvious armor. Unlike other forms of armor, silken armor stacks with other forms of armor. It cannot be detected as magical without the use of some magic-sensing Charm such as All-Encompassing Sorcerer’s Sight. Silken armor also can be worn while performing Martial Arts styles that normally prohibit the use of armor. Anyone can wear silken armor, but it remains somewhat stiff unless attuned to the wearer’s Essence. Soak: 5L/3B Hardness: 0 Mobility: -1 (Al atunear con el artifact, se vuelve cero la penalización) Fatige: 0 Attune: 2 motes
Jewel of the Flying Heart (MANSE 1)
This blood-red, triangular stone increases the bearer’s Dodge DV by one. (This bonus applies to the final value, not the pool used to calculate it.) Setting this hearthstone in an edged weapon also grants a +1 bonus to all Melee attacks the bearer makes with that weapon.
Seven Samuray (MANSE 4)
This Solar hearthstone is a translucent reddish-red gemstone with a golden-red iridescence that plays across its surface. The stone gives its bearer a better understanding of the Essence of the body. Mechanically, it adds four extra dice to any Melee attack roll.
Autochthon once used these massive dogs to herd his furnace rhinos. They are not spirits, but they are definitely super-natu ral creatures. When the Primordial departed Creation, he left his hounds behind. The pack once consisted of 25 hounds—five for each magical material—but less than half remain. Sometimes the whole pack appears to assist in battles against great threats from the Wyld; other times, solitary dogs or pairs appear.
Hounds of Autochthon look like giant dogs, standing 10 feet at the shoulder. Beyond that, each breed has a different appearance. Despite legends, only their eyes are actually made of their associated magical material. They do not need to eat, for Creation’s Essence sustains them. Unfortunately, they cannot be bred with mundane dogs.
Sun Dogs resemble mastiffs with tan coats, lion-like manes and glittering golden eyes. Their resilient skin emits a golden glow, while a sun dog’s howl can be heard for miles.
No power in Creation can domesticate Autochthon’s hounds. The power used to create them guarantees their escape from any restraint. These cunning supernatural beasts escape most mundane means of capture within minutes. Even the most powerful Charms, spells or artifacts cannot hold them forever. At most, they may consent to associate with other defenders of Creation—for a time.
Motivation: To serve the enigmatic goals left by Autochthon
Attributes: Strength 10, Dexterity 4, Stamina 10; Charisma 2, Manipulation 1, Appearance 3; Perception 4, Intelligence 2,
Wits 4
Virtues: Compassion 2, Conviction 3, Temperance 2, Valor 4
Abilities: Athletics 3 (Running +1), Awareness 5 (Spot Ambush +1), Dodge 3, Integrity 3, Martial Arts 4, Presence 2 (Intimidation +3), Resistance 3, Stealth 3 (Ambush +2, Hide in Plain Sight +1), Survival +4 (Tracking +3)
Special Abilities:
Inevitable Escape—Given time, Hounds of Autochthon can chew through any chain, dig out of any pit or escape from any pen or trap. Even magical bindings or prisons fail in time, often with no sign of how the hound got out. If it becomes relevant in play, roll the beast’s Willpower on regular increments. The hound escapes after five successes.
Roll daily for mundane means of restraint (if the hound cannot simply break out with an ordinary feat of strength or attack); weekly, for extraordinary fetters such as a jadesteel cage, or those employing simple Charms, artifacts, thaumaturgy or Terrestrial Circle sorcery; and monthly for powerful artifacts or sorcery. Even N/A artifacts, entities of comparable power or throwing a hound into Elsewhere merely extend the time scale to years.
Regeneration—These supernatural beasts heal one level of lethal damage every 15 minutes. They heal aggravated damage at the same rate that Exalted heal lethal damage.
Sense Intrusions—Hounds of Autochthon sometimes know when forces of the Wyld or (less often) Malfeas or the Underworld launch assaults into Creation, or when ancient seals are about to be broken. Even the wisest gods and savants don’t know how, but considering who made them, they might receive warnings directly from the Loom of Fate.
Supernatural Senses—Hounds’ senses are equivalent to a permanent All-Encompassing Sorcerer’s Sight. Hounds of Autochthon are supernatural trackers.
Wyld Resistance—Hostile environments, of Creation or the Wyld, cannot harm these hounds. Effectively, they permanently carry the benefits of Integrity-Protecting Prana and Element-Resisting Prana (see Exalted, pp. 199 and 210). They are incidentally immune to non-supernatural diseases and poisons.
Join Battle: 9
Bite: Speed 6, Accuracy 7, Damage 12L, Parry DV 3, Rate 1
Claw: Speed 5, Accuracy 9, Damage 11L, Parry DV 4, Rate 2
Soak: 15L/25B (Supernatural Armored Skin, +5L/10B)
Health Levels: -0/-0/-0/-1/-1/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Incap
Dodge DV: 7
Willpower: 7
Essence: 6
Other Notes: Each breed has certain advantages over the basic template:
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